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Elizabeth is Actively Searching

Elizabeth is looking for new service year opportunities beginning in February 2018

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    Feb. 2, 2018 - July 30, 2019

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    Veterans & Military Families

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Why Elizabeth Wants To Serve

My father served our country in the National guard military and navy. After that he joined the the Peace Corp and that is how he met my mother in Nicaragua. They married there then came back to the u.s. where I was born. I've grown up hearing the story and I've always wanted to serve in some way mostly a peace Corp type way I'm not interested in military or having to use weapons, but I do want to help people. I served an 11 month term for americorps In lousianna PArt of LaCc first crews I graduated November 16th 2018. I'm an artist and I work full-time at a front desk of a hotel (LQ) the same job i had before americorps and I like working at La Quinta, but I want to make disaster relief a career for myself I have a lot of disaster experience and i am a chainsaw certified SAWYER. My Desire To Serve
My name is Elizabeth Henderson, I am 22 years old from North Dakota. I am half Nicaraguan /half American. This is my cover letter, about why I want to work for all hands and hearts. I spent around 45 days in the Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas serving alongside All Hands and Hearts. During that time I was serving as an Americorps member. I loved working with all hands and I thought to myself I would love a job like that. I am extremely passionate about doing Disaster relief. I love it. The idea of making that into a career is a dream of mine.
For now I am volunteering on my own time, I will be serving a week in North Carolina in January 2019. I want nothing more than to make disaster response a career for myself. I have a lot of great experience in this field. My first deployment was in Florida in response to Hurricane Irma. We mucked and gutted around 50 homes and installed over 20 roof tarps. I helped buck up and remove fallen trees from home owner property. We also did Mold Suppression on those homes as well as debri removal. In my time in AmeriCorps I was trained and certified to operate chainsaws including certified to fell trees. I have a years experience chainsawing in national forests and during deployment.
During my second deployment in the RGV Texas response, I moved from field into staff positions I was one of the main people doing assessments for AmeriCorps and I did several home assessments for All Hands and Hearts so I know how to do it both ways and all the different requirements were met (including lots of paperwork). I was also one of the translators for Spanish speaking home owners. I helped build the work orders and give them to teamleads. I also trained some of all hands volunteers along with fellow AmeriCorps members on how to install a roof tarp. I am currently raising funds for all hands and hearts I will be hosting a Spaghetti dinner event to raise funds for AHAH
I would like to put these special skills to work. I want to serve the community in recovery, strength, and integrity. I want to help turn hurricane survivors houses back into homes.


I am 21 years old and I currently work full-time at as a front desk sales representative at a La quinta Inn and suites in Dickinson, ND. My Passion is art I mostly paint and draw I sell my paintings and my fulltime job gets me by but I lately I have been watning to serve my country in some way that doesn't involve inlissting in the army though. I have been trying to get in great shape and dieting healthy. I also love the outdoors it inspires my art deeply, I want to travel so bad. this service yeasr program seems to be exactly what I have been looking for. My father served in the national guard and navy then later joined the peace corps and was sent to nicaraugua where he met my mother the love of his life. They married there and moved back to America where they had me and my brother. My father became a history/Spanish teacher along with coaching several sports and farming in between he was a busy man but he was my role model and I find myself to be just like him. He passed away in 2015. before he had his second heart attack times were tough, he always wanted me to follow my dreams as an artist and maybe go to college for it. I've been living on my own and working fulltime since I was 17 and I am interested in college as of right now because with practice my art just keeps getting better and better on my own. I took piano lessons in elementary school and played through high school also I played the drums as well. Music and art are some the most difficult careers to try to pursue college for. I want to serve my country or help other for a year maybe even a few years then after I would love to continue my art and music with my new experience and knowledge gained from a service year ...possibly even go to college to get a business degree to further pursue and art gallery of my own somewhere along those lines. I've thought long and hard about this since my father passed away. I know I definitley want to find an opportunity just like this and now that I have it seems to good to be true. I would love nothing more than to take on this challenge and gain experience knowledge and education from a service year!!!!!!!


Big picture thinker, Collaborator, Creative, Flexible, Outgoing, People person

Qualifications or Certifications

cpr certified

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish


Highest Level Attained


new england high School