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Getting Started

Join our community to access resources and support for your organization and service year corps members.

Add Organization Information

Add your organization profile and submit your service year positions for certification to become a public organization on ServiceYear.org.

Activate Premium Access

Start your premium access so that your organization can recruit and utilize all of the resources on ServiceYear.org.

Recruit and Access Resources

Recruit candidates, discover resources to support your programming, and connect your service year corps members to resources.

Recruit service year corps members

ServiceYear.org connects individuals eager to serve with your service year opportunities. We suggest listings for candidates based on their preferences and qualifications, and allow them to search all active listings for the right match. Since ServiceYear.org is a two-way marketplace, you can also recommend your listings to individuals you think might be a good fit to apply. You can take advantage of our full recruitment toolkit to utilize best practices on discovering and marketing to new service year corps members.

Connect your corps members to the service year community

All organizations with a certified position can enroll their service year corps members on ServiceYear.org. This allows Service Year Alliance to connect them to resources, news, and opportunities. Enrolled corps members can add stories and photos about their experiences, to share on their profile and on social media. You can exit your enrolled corps members into our alum community upon successful completion of service.

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