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Certify your organization's positions

Service Year Exchange

Access to and presence on a state-of-the-art online marketplace and resource hub

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Description of Benefit Free to Public Your Host Org Your Corps Members
Search thousands of service year opportunities and prospective corps members
Certification of service year positions
Dynamic online profiles
Unlimited recruitment listings
Ability to “recommend” your opportunities directly to tens of thousands of prospective corps members
Ability to view resumes and send messages to prospective corps members who have applied to your opportunity, or to which you‘ve sent a recommendation
Display testimonials of current and former corps members on your profile Coming Soon
Journey tracking through posts and photos
Seamless transition from corps member to alum status
Feature to highlight your funders and supporters Coming Soon
Crowdfunding Coming Soon
Opportunities to connect with peers
Certify your organization's positions

National Recruitment, Awareness, and Corps Member Support

Access to and participation in a national recruitment and awareness campaign to inspire a generation to serve, rewards for their service, and resources to support them during service and assist them on their path to employment or higher education

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Description of Benefit Free to Public Your Host Org Your Corps Members
Increased awareness for service years via a national marketing and awareness campaign
Increased traffic to your opportunities from social and digital advertising
Graphic design assistance and other resources to help you fully participate in the national recruitment campaign
Opportunities to be featured in professionally produced content (i.e. images, videos, etc.)
Campus recruitment partnerships and materials Coming Soon
Benefits and rewards for corps members during their service year
Resources, webinars and support during service year Coming Soon
Resources to support furthering your higher education Coming Soon
Resources to support your job search Coming Soon
Connections to employers who value service year experience
Connections to the broader service year community
Micro-credentials and badges (if host organization signs on to participate)
Online course for college credit Coming Soon
Certify your organization's positions

Grow Service Year Programs

Access to best practices, knowledge sharing and awards to grow and improve your existing programs and help create new ones, with focuses on specific issues and places

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Description of Benefit Free to Public Your Host Org Your Corps Members
Guide for starting a program, including toolkit and templates
Best practices, toolkits, and templates for scaling and expanding a program
Best practices, toolkits, and templates to help improve your program; including knowledge sharing from other service year organizations Coming Soon
“Service Year Boxes” and guides to help you replicate proven models Coming Soon
Place-based toolkit and templates to help organizing groups set up impact communities Coming Soon
Webinars and podcasts
Awards and competitions (some of which will be only available to paid members)
Opportunities to be featured in professionally produced content (resource guides, white papers, case studies, etc.)
Certify your organization's positions

Policy and Advocacy

Support from the Washington, DC policy operation, grassroots movement across the country, and an alliance of influential Americans

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Description of Benefit Free to Public Your Host Org Your Corps Members
Universal national service legislation Coming Soon
Tax relief for AmeriCorps education award legislation Coming Soon
Champions in Congress supporting service years
Op-eds and actions of support from influential Americans to propel the service year movement forward
Local meetups and events with service year alums and supporters
Featured in Op-eds and white papers

Membership Testimonial

"ServiceYear.org has allowed us to share our brand & service [year] opportunities with hundreds of people who might otherwise have not have heard of Reading Partners. We get some amazing and diverse candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds and it makes a noticeable difference in our recruitment."
-Cody Howard, National Recruitment Operations Manager, Reading Partners

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