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Why host with Service Year Alliance?

Value offered through ServiceYear.org

ServiceYear.org connects individuals eager to serve with your service year opportunities. Discover resources to support your organization and service year corps members. 

Join at the access level that best suits your organization. Whether you’re interested in basic access to share your organization profile and connect your corps members to resources, or want to upgrade to premium access to recruit candidates and fully leverage Service Year Alliance’s toolkits and resources, we look forward to supporting you through ServiceYear.org.

Description of Benefit Basic Access Premium Access
Certification of service year positions
Dynamic online profile that is featured alongside service year organizations from across the United States
Resources that support organizations starting a new service year program
Resources that support service year corps members and alums
Free participation in webinars offered by Service Year Alliance
Profiles for your service year corps members and alums that highlight their service with your organization
Service year corps members and alums can add stories and photos about their experiences that can be shared on their ServiceYear.org profile, on social media, and featured on organization profiles
Free participation in events like virtual career and higher ed fairs offered by Service Year Alliance
Stay connected with news, opportunities, and events featured in regular communications and newsletters
Add recruitment listings so that candidates can discover and apply for your service year opportunities
View applications, including a resume, from all candidates who apply
Message applicants to follow up and coordinate next steps
Recommend your listings to individuals interested in serving that you would like to see apply
Access premium resources intended to help service year organizations improve and grow
Consideration to be featured in marketing materials and advertising
Discounts as applicable on other Service Year Alliance offerings

ServiceYear.org Testimonial

"ServiceYear.org has allowed us to share our brand & service [year] opportunities with hundreds of people who might otherwise have not have heard of Reading Partners. We get some amazing and diverse candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds and it makes a noticeable difference in our recruitment."
-Cody Howard, National Recruitment Operations Manager, Reading Partners

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