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Why host a service year?

What is a service year?

A service year is an opportunity to develop real-world skills through hands-on service. From fighting poverty to working with kids and responding to natural disasters — a service year is a meaningful and fulfilling way to tackle the most pressing challenges facing our nation. If your organization is not currently part of AmeriCorps, or if you want to create a new program not recognized by AmeriCorps, your positions will need to be certified. Take a look at the criteria to determine if your program is eligible for certification.

Corps Member Placement

  1. Teams: Many corps members find their experience to be more rewarding when they are organized in teams to work on a common project. Depending on the skills and experience of the corps members, one leader can lead a group of four to ten corps members. 
  2. Individual Placements: It is also possible to host just a small number of members, or even a single position at an organization, particularly if the organization is small or the function is highly specialized. In the case of individual placements, it will be important to incorporate opportunities for the corps member to connect with other corps members in the community and be mentored within the organization. 
  3. Coordinated Placement: Consider partnering with an organization that works on a similar issue or within the same community to split the costs and responsibilities of a service member positions. Think of using service years as part of your collective strategy for change, and how multiple organizations might benefit from integrating service corps members into their programming. 

Program Structure

  1. Direct Host Organization: A host organization manages and administers all aspects of a service year programming. This includes recruitment, screening, placement, benefits administration, management, and oversight. The corps members then provide service directly for that organization. If your organization has the capacity to fulfill all of these duties successfully for an individual or team of corps members, consider being a host organization for an entire service program. 
  2. Umbrella: In some cases, a large organization can act as a host and placement coordinator for several organizations. These umbrella orgs act as the main recruiter and administrator of the service program, but do not oversee a corps members’ daily work. Organizations that fall under an umbrella request a service member to be placed on their site and maintain daily supervision. These organizations may support the umbrella organization through financial contributions in exchange for managing the logistics of corps member recruitment and administration. 

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