Types of Service Years

Service years are available through a variety of nonprofits and public organizations. From urban to rural communities, service year opportunities are available in a wide array of issue areas, including: education, the environment, disaster relief, health care, and many more.

Where can I do my service year?

You can do a service year in hundreds of local communities across the United States. You can spend a year tackling issues facing your local community by doing a service year in your own backyard — no one knows the issues facing your hometown better than you! You can also get out of town and explore new areas by serving in communities across the country. You'll meet new people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, and see a part of of the country you wouldn’t have a chance to visit otherwise. 

Alabama 7 listings
Alaska 6 listings
American Samoa 0 listings
Arizona 34 listings
Arkansas 30 listings
California 118 listings
Colorado 25 listings
Connecticut 11 listings
Delaware 10 listings
District of Columbia 25 listings
Florida 43 listings
Georgia 16 listings
Guam 0 listings
Hawaii 3 listings
Idaho 11 listings
Illinois 63 listings
Indiana 31 listings
Kansas 9 listings
Kentucky 14 listings
Louisiana 16 listings
Maine 19 listings
Maryland 41 listings
Massachusetts 50 listings
Michigan 30 listings
Minnesota 92 listings
Mississippi 7 listings
Missouri 17 listings
Montana 9 listings
Nebraska 11 listings
Nevada 15 listings
New Hampshire 16 listings
New Jersey 20 listings
New Mexico 5 listings
New York 64 listings
North Carolina 30 listings
North Dakota 0 listings
Northern Mariana Isl... 0 listings
Oklahoma 11 listings
Oregon 42 listings
Pennsylvania 74 listings
Puerto Rico 0 listings
Rhode Island 4 listings
South Carolina 39 listings
South Dakota 4 listings
Tennessee 26 listings
Texas 109 listings
Utah 9 listings
Vermont 24 listings
Virgin Islands 0 listings
Virginia 33 listings
Washington 20 listings
West Virginia 31 listings
Wisconsin 55 listings
Wyoming 0 listings

United States

Ready to serve?

No matter when you decide to do your service year, the experience will transform your life and the community you serve. Join now or use the chat icon to get your questions answered by service year alums.