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Pennsylvania Mountain Service Corps

Contact Information

119 Park Street
Ebensburg, PA 15931

(814) 472-7690

Focus Areas

  • Education & Youth
  • Environment
  • Health & Nutrition

Pennsylvania Mountain Service Corps AmeriCorps, through a strong ethic of community service and regional
partnerships, commits to supporting efforts for K-12 academic success, restoring and conserving
the environment, addressing the health and welfare of individuals and families, and engaging
citizens in the spirit of community service, across our fourteen-county region of Pennsylvania.
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  • About Us
    Academic Engagement – Multi-tiered intervention models of education provides a strategy of
    increasingly intense scientifically-research-based interventions for students at academic or
    behavioral risk. Tiered instruction represents a model in which the instruction delivered to
    students varies on several dimensions related to the nature and severity of the student's
    difficulties. The key to providing tiered instruction lies in the establishment of a workable
    schedule that maximizes school personnel resources and a high degree of collaboration among
    all members of the teaching force of a school. PMSC AmeriCorps members working in
    educational settings will be a part of an educational team that will provide in-school and afterschool instruction and mentoring for K-12 students identified as “at risk for failure” or students
    in a school with the majority of individuals eligible for free or reduced lunches. As a result of the
    PMSC interventions, the goal will be to reach 2,500 economically disadvantaged students or
    students with special/exceptional needs with academic support and mentoring with 80%
    demonstrating improved academic assessment and/or improved behavioral/attitude towards
    school engagement.
    Environmental Stewardship - Environmental concerns are another primary community need
    identified by our regional partnership. The PMSC partners have identified land management,
    water quality, and environmental education outreach, as the top environmental needs to improve
    the quality of life in local communities addressed by our environmental objective.
    Once the nation's top coal producer, Pennsylvania now has the worst abandoned mine problem in
    the nation. 184,000 acres in 44 of Pennsylvania's 67 counties are affected by this problem, and
    more than 4,600 miles of streams are polluted by acidic drainage from old mine sites. All of the
    counties covered by the PMSC region are significantly affected.
    As Pennsylvania continues to deal with water quality issues in the post regulated mining era, the
    newest energy boom in natural gas has arrived and brings with it, a boost to the region's
    economy, but it also presents new environmental challenges. In order to avoid the same clean-up
    problems that came with the abandoned mines, Pennsylvanians want to address these new issues
    head on. The millions of gallons of water required for natural gas drilling and the associated
    waste products are major concerns here in Pennsylvania. One of the primary water concerns with
    deep gas well drilling technologies is the withdrawal of large volumes (millions of gallons) of
    water, used mostly in the hydro-fracturing process. These large water withdrawals may come
    from many sources (streams, ponds, lakes, etc.) and can have significant effects if not performed
    carefully. In relation to water concerns, gas well construction involves extensive earth
    disturbance including roads, drilling pads and pipelines that can speed erosion. The DEP's
    Bureau of Oil, Gas, and each individual county's conservation district oversee the enforcement of
    erosion and sediment regulations related to gas well operations. Therefore, public outreach and
    education has become a goal of many local conservation districts and groups that utilize PMSC
    AmeriCorps members.
    Additionally, Pennsylvania is a leader in the agricultural field. According to Ben Wright at
    Western PA Conservancy, "Agriculture is Pennsylvania's leading industry, and, despite
    accelerating development, it remains one of the most important land uses in Western
    Pennsylvania. In occupying such a dominate part of the landscape, agriculture is a major contributor to water pollution; a situation that if ignored would seriously threaten our way of life." PMSC AmeriCorps members and the volunteers that the member's recruit, will be placed
    with environmental organizations and will; collect water samples for water quality assessment,
    assess pollution impact on public lands and waterways, conduct biological surveys, provide
    stream bank restoration, build riparian buffers, participate in soil and erosion control projects,
    and provide K-12 and adults with PA standards based environmental education and outreach
    incidental to the mission. The goal post program year will be to show positive impact within 100
    miles of PA waterways and to have a positive capacity building impact as a result of the PMSC
    AmeriCorps supported service.
    Community Wellness - With the high poverty rates, and the rural nature of this region,
    community partners have indicated a vital need for preventative health education, counseling and
    life skills trainings to families and individuals such as veterans and those with serious mental
    illness, domestic violence counseling, and food, clothing, shelter assistance. The goal will be to
    have reached 5,000 individuals who demonstrate a positive impact due to the PMSC supported
    In addition, with most community non-profits functioning with limited resources but
    experiencing an explosion of requests for services, the community partners in our region express
    a need for AmeriCorps members who can leverage and/or manage additional volunteers, increase
    effectiveness of their organization’s resources, or increase the scale and reach of their services.
    The PMSC will achieve our proposed goals during the 2020-2021 program by collaborating with
    over 70 regional organizations, including school districts, crisis centers, conservation districts,
    and faith-based organizations.
  • Our Impact
    Academic improvement, environmental remediation and increased stewardship, increased awareness and actions relating to health and wellness issues.

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Pennsylvania Mountain Service Corps Programs

Pennsylvania Mountain Service Corps AmeriCorps

The Pennsylvania Mountain Service Corps will have 95 AmeriCorps members serving in 15 PA counties who will provide instructional support in reading and math to K-12 students who are at risk for failure and in rural or economically distressed school districts, treat and construct infrastructures that support healthy ecosystems and watersheds; and provide social services that enhance the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities, throughout the Appalachian region of South-West and South-Central Pennsylvania. At the end of the program year, the AmeriCorps members will be responsible for; improving the literacy or math scores of 1,400 economically disadvantaged and underperforming K-12 students; treating and constructing 25 miles of infrastructure projects on public use lands, and land that effect public land, to improve water quality; and providing 5,000 individuals with wellness outreach and life skills trainings. In addition, the AmeriCorps members will leverage 500 community volunteers who will be engaged in activities that promote and support school engagement, community wellness, and infrastructure improvements.