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FLCC Project A.N.T. members are stationed in pairs at their host state park from February to December. These members will work side by side to manage invasive plant species and educate the public about the impact of these plants in natural habitats. Members will use various methods of treatment such as herbicide (all members receive training), hand removal, and prescribed fire.

Service Activities

Treatment, Removal, Survey
- Treatment of invasive plants using various methods such as herbicide, hand removal, and prescribed fire
- Surveying management zones within members host park, flagging invasive plants

Education of Park Visitors and Local Community
- Reaching out to neighboring communities to provide in person/virtual outreach about the benefits of invasive plant removal and native alternatives

Volunteer Recruitment and Management
- Recruit volunteers to participate in workdays and park events
- Manage volunteers while in the field treating invasive plants or at park events

Community Need Addressed

A.N.T. members will serve to treat and remove invasive plant species using various methods such as herbicide, manual and mechanic, and prescribed fire within Florida's State Parks. Members will also work to interpret and educate the public about the harm invasive plants do to our natural habitats, and have the opportunity to recruit volunteers to assist in the initiative of managing invasive plants. Members may also participate in disaster response when a natural disaster occurs.

Position Outcomes

To control the spread of invasive plants, restore natural habitats within our state parks, and educate the public about the negative impact of these plants. Some may participate in disaster relief within state parks, or communities within the state of Florida, after a natural disaster occurs.


Childcare assistance if eligible, Education award upon successful completion of service, Health coverage, Housing, Stipend, Student loan forbearance, Training

***Housing/RV site available at some locations MONETARY BENEFITS • Loan deferment • Childcare Assistance through AmeriCorps • Full Term (Feb - Dec) Members receive a $7,395.00 Education award at the completion of service • Half - Term (July - Dec) Members receive a $3,697.50 Education award at the completion of service • Monthly Living Stipend: $1,550.00 (pending approval for increase to $2,200) for both half-term and full-term members • Free health insurance through FLCC Program • Access to Member Assistance Program • Free access to Florida State Parks TRAINING/BENEFITS AVAILABLE (SOME VARY DEPENDING ON LOCATION/RESOURCES) • Interpretation • Leadership • Professional Development • Conflict Resolution • Outreach/Interpretation • Disaster Response (AmeriCorps Disaster Response Team) • CPR/First Aid/AED • Effective Communication • Resume/Cover Letter Workshop (Life After AmeriCorps) • Interview tips and technique • Trail maintenance & tools training • Hatchet and machete training/use • Herbicide application training • Use/maintenance of large equipment • Hauling trailers, use, and safety • Park/District Specific • S-130/S-190 (Wildfire Training) • ATV/UTV Certification • DEP Boater safety • Scuba Certification • Tractor Training DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES AND EXPERIENCE (VARIES WITH LOCATION/RESOURCES) • An AmeriCorps experience in our Florida State Parks • Natural resource management individual and group projects • Plant identification • Chainsaw training and use • Water sampling • Interpretive material creation (presentations, flyers, videos, programs, etc) • Network with FISC, CISMA, Forestry, FWC, FTA, ACT, and other natural resource management organizations/groups - attend events to represent FLCC • Endangered/protected species monitoring • Training and use of large equipment (tractors, marsh masters) • Tool maintenance (chainsaws, trail tools, herbicide application tools, hatchets, machetes, hand saws, vehicles, ATV, UTV) • Hike over various Florida terrain (no, it's not all flat) and see parts of state parks not seen/open to public • Cultural/historical resource rehabilitation • Participate in prescribed fire • Create/maintain/improve public trails • Professional development • Introduction to federal and state policy and guidelines • Experience entering data and retrieving reports for progress tracking • Manage and/or participate in strike teams and service projects • Network and build relationships with natural resource professionals • Community outreach and interpretation • Flyer and graphic design and development • Opportunity to recruit volunteers and lead volunteer projects • Table at community events • Participate in disaster response recovery efforts • Participate in park events (Florida Folk Festival/Fire Fest, other)

Education Benefits

Credential or Certification

CPR/ First Aid Dependent on Park: - Prescribed Fire - Boaters Safety - Scuba Certification - Chainsaw Certification - ATV/UTV training

Skills you will gain

Identifying and treating invasive plants and educating the community about the benefits/impacts of plants and their native substitutions. Opportunities for outreach, interpretation, and volunteer recruitment. Opportunity for project management, prescribed fire participation, and disaster response.

Competencies You Will Develop

Demonstrate sensitivity and empathy, Lead group discussion, Listen to and consider others' viewpoints, Maintain open lines of communication with others, Speak clearly, in precise language and in a logical, organized and coherent manner, Turn taking, Write cleary and effectively
Creativity & Problem Solving
Able to identify and define the problem, Capable of generating possible solutions, Communicate the problem to appropriate personnel, Improvise, Provide relevant expertise, Select and implement well-considered solution
Derive consensus, Develop constructive working relationships and maintain them over time, Establish a high degree of trust and credibility with others, Interact professionally and respectfully with supervisors and co-workers, Stay positive and outcome oriented, Use appropriate strategies and solutions for dealing with conflicts and differences to maintain a smooth workflow
Accepts responsibility, Anticipate the consequences of decisions, Identify and prioritize the key issues involved to facilitate the decision making process, Involve people appropriately in decisions that may impact them, Quickly respond with a back-up plan if a decision goes amiss
Carefully consider which tools or technological solutions are appropriate for a given job, Consistently choose the best tool or technological solution for the problem at hand, Operate tools and equipment in accordance with established operating procedures, safety standards, and ethical guidelines, Seek opportunities to improve knowledge of tools and technologies that may assist in streamlining work and improving productivity
Able to prioritize various competing tasks, Create environment of contribution, Create plan of action, schedule tasks so that work is completed on time, Demonstrate the effective allocation of time and resources efficiently, Drive decision making, Effectively delegate tasks, Facilitate group planning, Set goals
Be pleasant, courteous, professional and respectful when dealing with internal and external customers or clients, Evaluate customer or client satisfaction, Honor the privilege of being able to work with and for those being served, Provide personalized, prompt, and efficient service to meet the requirements, requests and needs of customers, Recognize the importance of maintaining privacy and confidentiality of those being served, Understand and anticipate the needs of others, Understand the importance of one's role in the functioning of the organization, Understand the significance of maintaining a healthful and safe environment
  • Activity Types Hands On Activities, Office Activities, Professional Activities
  • Focus Areas Arts & Culture, Community & Nonprofit Development, Disaster, Education & Youth, Environment
  • Length of Service 11 Months
  • Education Requirements GED
  • Placement Individual and Team Placements
  • Service Setting Park, State Agency other than State Service Commission
  • Weekly Training Hours 5

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