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Design Corps

Contact Information

2243 The Circle
Raleigh, NC 27608

(919) 225-1221

Focus Areas

  • Arts & Culture
  • Community & Nonprofit Development
  • Economic Security
  • Environment

Design Corps’ mission is realized when people are involved in the decisions that shape their lives. Design Corps offersthree main programs that advance our mission: (1) Training, (2) Network Membership, (3) Project Certifications. Thesebring the skills sets of design and planning to empower communities.

  • About Us
    1. The trainings are a monthly two-day fee-generating program called the Public Interest Design Institute (PIDI). The Institute is hosted in varying locations across the country in partnership with a host University and local design firms. Experts from around the country present case studies that demonstrate new ways that design is addressing the most crucial social, economic and environmental issues faced by cities and communities. There have been 33 domestic Institutes and 2 international Institutes. (publicinterestdesign.com) Two “guidebooks” have been published to provide additional training in best practices.
    2. The SEED Network is composed of members who have taken the SEED Pledge and endorsed the founding mission and principles of the network. These members promote and celebrate the idea that design matters and all people can shape their world for the better through design. Currently, there are over 2,000 pledged members of the SEED Network. Membership is currently free. (seednetwork.org/network)
    3. SEED Certifications are offered through the SEED Evaluator, an online tool for designers, project developers, community leaders and others who desire a common standard to guide, measure, evaluate and certify the social, economic and environmental impact of design projects. There are 300 projects in the pipelines of the Evaluator. Certifications are currently free and conducted by a group of volunteer experts. (seednetwork.org/certification)
    4. Advocacy has been advanced through Structures for Inclusion conferences, SEED awards and publications to showcase and celebrate exceptional projects in public interest design. Through collaborations, Design Corps has found common ground with other networks, realizing the value of ever greater collective action. In the last five years, Design Corps has collaborated with designbuildXchange, Live Projects, Pacific Rim Network, National Organization of Minority Architects, and the NAACP through shared conferences and awards.
  • Our Impact
    Design Corps was founded in 1991 with a mission to create positive change in traditionally underserved communities by using design, advocacy, and education to help them shape their environment and address their social, economic, and environmental challenges. Our mission is realized when people are involved in the decisions that shape their lives. Design Corps’ programs, including the SEED Network and SEED Evaluator, bring the skills sets of design and planning to empower communities.

Design Corps Programs

Prism Design Lab

Prism Design Lab is a design education non-profit organization that works with youth in Durham-Chapel Hill, NC to imagine the beauty they want to see in the world, and to give them a platform from which to project their vision. Prism equips youth from historically marginalized communities with the tools they need to shape their built environment by teaching them design skills and giving them opportunities to practice and cultivate these skills.

Featured Positions
Outreach Coordinator