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Contact Information

PO Box 2223
Southern Pines, NC 28388

(347) 302-4667

Focus Areas

  • Arts & Culture
  • Education & Youth

ArtistYear exists to address inequities in creative learning for K-12 students via a National Service Arts Corps.

  • About Us
    ArtistYear is the first national AmeriCorps program for artists to dedicate themselves to a year of service to our country.

    ArtistYear is an organization born out of the traditions of service, creative excellence and expression, and obligation toward our fellow citizens. Despite the proven socio-emotional benefits of arts education for low-income youth, there is an “Arts Opportunity Gap” across the US.
    Yet there are about 1 million higher-education arts graduates across artistic disciplines entering the work field annually; many find that their training, workforce skills, and desire to creatively contribute to communities does not align easily to the constantly shifting cultural sector.

    ArtistYear has leveraged lessons learned from a range of national-service and arts education programs to marshal a corps of Teaching Artists, ArtistYear AmeriCorps Fellows, to enhance and expand arts education in Title I schools while nurturing a new generation of citizen-artists.

    ArtistYear programming is designed to yield a positive impact for:
    Low-income Students: Increasing arts access for positive outcomes;
    Schools and Districts: Improving climate and culture, with greater arts capacity over-time;
    ArtistYear AmeriCorps Fellows: Cultivating and improving leadership, community, and workforce skills to be competitive for jobs and engaged citizen-artists.
  • Our Impact
    Our Impact
    The ArtistYear Program is designed to yield positive changes for the students, schools/districts, and the ArtistYear AmeriCorps Fellows themselves.

    We reach underserved students through art to:
    Improve school engagement and attachment
    Explore identity and community
    Empower civic-engagement
    Cultivate 21st-century skills (STEAM)
    Develop youth artistry and skills

    Believing all schools deserve to be “arts rich,” our Program aims to:
    Increase arts equity and access
    Deepen arts learning
    Enhance school climate and culture
    Build capacity and buy-in for sustained and future arts investments

    ArtistYear Fellows
    Our ArtistYear AmeriCorps Fellows are the change-agents. They develop as:
    Effective Teaching Artists
    Productive work-force participants and leaders
    Engaged Citizen-Artists
    Active participants in our Democracy