Is a service year right for me?

Whether you’re figuring out what’s next after high school or college, searching for an opportunity to find a new path, looking to gain skills and experience for a job, or wanting to change your career — a service year may be just what you’re looking for. Learn more.
Alyxandra Gideon
City Year
Through my service with City Year I have learned the importance of empathy and that one person can create ripples that will be felt for a lifetime. It’s a life-changing opportunity that I recommend to everyone!

Receive valuable benefits

In addition to getting paid during a service year, many positions also offer the opportunity to receive loan forbearance and an education award for students to use on future education or to pay off student loans. Some even offer child care benefits. Every service year opportunity is unique and has its own detailed list of benefits. Learn more about the types of benefits to look for when considering the wide-range of service year opportunities!

Gain new skills — standing out to future employers and colleges

No matter what type of service year, you do, you’ll gain valuable skills and experience that help you stand out to employers and colleges.  From leadership to problem solving to working in teams, and becoming a more effective communicator, this life-changing experience builds purpose, confidence and a strong bridge to your next step - whether a new path or an acceleration on the path you’ve already started on.

Make an impact

A service year allows you to build stronger and healthier communities, based on your interests and passions. No two service year positions are alike — and there are hundreds  of organizations and thousands  of opportunities to choose from across the country in a variety of issue and focus areas, including: education, health care, the environment, disaster relief, and more.  These include federally funded opportunities with AmeriCorps, YouthBuild, and Peace Corps.

Join our Service Year Community

There are thousands of young people across America who share your calling to make a difference. Through Service Year, you'll meet and interact with these like-minded people throughout your service journeys, and learn from each other's unique experiences. Document your experience and inspire a whole new generation of corps members by posting about Service Year on your public profile. Meet some of our alums to learn how their service year impacted their lives and career choices. 

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How it Works

If you’re ready to find a service year opportunity, take a few minutes to sign up and complete your profile! Your profile will be used to generate a list of service year positions that match your interests and preferences. You can then sort through them and express interest in as many of the service year positions as you’d like.  (HINT:  Make your profile public so organizations can find you and reach out if they think you’d be a good fit for their service year opportunities). Learn more.
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