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Volunteer Maine

19 Elkins Lane Room 105, 105 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333


For over twenty years, Volunteer Maine, the new identity for the Maine Commission for Community Service, has supported volunteers and AmeriCorps members in Maine. Our members and residents alike enjoy all that Maine has to offer, from the mountains and lakes of the interior, to over 5,000 miles of Atlantic coastline. In addition to outdoor recreation and scenic beauty, Maine is home to tight-knit communities of small businesses, creatives, and foodies. 

We love Maine, but rural states like ours lack the resources and opportunities of bigger metropolitan areas. Maine is equal in geographic size to the other five New England states combined. With a small population in a very large area, our residents sometimes have to travel for miles to meet basic needs and receive services, or, they go without.  We are proud that our AmeriCorps members and our volunteers close that gap and help residents with community-based solutions. 

Our Work

Volunteer Maine, Maine's service commission, builds capacity and sustainability in Maine’s volunteer sector. Our mission is to foster community service and volunteerism to meet human and environmental needs in the State of Maine. As the State of Maine partner for the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Commission has several responsibilities related to AmeriCorps and National Service. These include:

  1. Providing training and technical assistance to local nonprofit organizations and other entities that want to plan and apply for funding to implement national service programs
  2. Selecting programs to be funded under the National and Community Service Act 
  3. Pre-selecting programs to compete for funding under the AmeriCorps State Competitive grant category 
  4. Providing training and technical assistance to National Service programs in Maine
  5. Evaluating, monitoring, and administering grant programs.
Our portfolio of AmeriCorps programs focus on education, environmental stewardship and conservation, mentoring, economic opportunity, and public health.

A Maine Way to Serve

Make your way to service in Maine and you might stay for so much more. Members come from all walks of life, some from Maine, and others from every region of the United States. Serving in a small state means you can have a big impact. If you are a new to Maine or a local emerging professional, in small communities there is an opportunity to be a leader and make a real difference in a short amount of time. Our programs and host sites are close-knit and supportive. Members network with each other and create a community throughout their year of service. AmeriCorps alumni are everywhere in Maine and keep the commitment to service alive. This network, plus the commission’s events, provide ample opportunities for personal and professional development. Every day, the earliest sunrise in the continental US lights up Maine; let Maine light up your future!

Ready to serve in Maine?