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Mission: St. Louis

Contact Information

3108 N Grand Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63107

(314) 534-1188

Focus Areas

  • Aging
  • Community & Nonprofit Development
  • Economic Security
  • Education & Youth

To empower people to transform their lives, families, and neighborhoods.

  • About Us
    St. Louis should be a place that's full of opportunity.
    But for many families in St. Louis, that's simply not the case. We're out to change that.

    Our solution begins with relationship.

    We build relationships to empower people to transform their lives. With relationship in hand, we make a strategic set of programs available to the people we serve. These programs work together to address critical stages in the cycle of poverty, like high school graduation and recidivism. We walk alongside people as they work their way through our programs, empowering entire families to break the cycle of poverty.
    It's driven by a multi-generational approach to empowering people.
    Beyond School, Beyond Jobs and Beyond Charity work in tandem to fight poverty across a lifetime. Poverty prevents people of all ages from accessing lives that are full of opportunity. We're addressing needs that aren't being met, and dismantling the cycle of poverty faster than ever.

    Education: Beyond School
    With a high school degree and the skills to be successful in college, a person's likelihood of finding stable, legal employment sky rockets. We work with under-resourced elementary and middle school students to ensure they make it to high school graduation. Beyond school is a year-round expanded learning opportunity for students during out of school hours, getting them back on track for success in high school and beyond. On average, students progress 3 months in reading and math for every month they are in our program.

    Employment: Beyond Jobs
    Stable employment has the power to transform lives. We take job training a step further by empowering people to become job-ready while providing holistic support. Our Beyond Jobs programs equip men with job and leadership training, a community of support and employment opportunities so they can access legal, livable wage jobs. While only 16% of men are working when they enter Beyond Jobs, two months later over 60% are employed. Five months later, more than 73% are employed.

    Community: Beyond Charity
    Poverty doesn't just affect people, it impacts entire communities. Beyond Charity is responsive to the current needs of the community. To keep matriarchs and patriarchs in our communities, we provide services to older adults, including transportation and social activities. We also support youth and their families through local school support, tax preparation assistance and an annual Affordable Christmas event.

    The path out of poverty looks different for each individual person.
    Through relationship, strategic programs and and ongoing community of support, our city can be a place that's full of opportunity.
  • Our Impact
    2015-2016 School Year: Beyond School
    -Beyond Schoolers averaged 2.1 years growth in reading in one school year.
    -Our scholars explored over 30 new places through field trips + service projects.
    -Beyond Schoolers averaged 2.6 years growth in math in one school year.
    -Beyond Schoolers have lowered Behavior Infractions by 20%.
    -160 people volunteered regularly to help get our scholars back on track

    2015-2016 Job and Leadership Training: Beyond Jobs
    -73% of students were employed 6 months after graduation.
    -97% of JLT graduates received no new warrants or felonies.
    -95% of JLT graduates reported that their relationship with their kids has improved.
    -Over 280 men found purpose through Beyond Jobs.
    -JLT Graduates worked over 11,040 internship hours.

    2015-2016 Community: Beyond Charity
    -260 tax returns were filed by our tax prep program helped reinvest thousands back into the community.
    -Community members saved $632,151 throughout 2015 and 2016 in circuit breaker property tax credits.
    -1,735 children got the Christmas they deserved through our Affordable Christmas program.
    -111 VISTAs volunteered full-time for a year at 28 agencies throughout Missouri.
    -1,310 seniors received Benefits Assistance from our Case Manager.

    Learn more about our past impact at mstlannualreport.org

Mission: St. Louis Programs

Beyond School

Our mission at Beyond School is to prepare students to enter high school with the social, emotional, and academic tools needed to be successful while in high school and beyond. The goal of Beyond School is to provide a dynamic support system to ensure our students graduate high school prepared for and motivated to seek post-secondary education. Beyond School is a year-round expanded learning opportunity embedded at 2 school sites. It runs throughout the school year, serving 3rd-9th graders. We focus on: • Academic Support • Social/Emotional Learning • Community Service Learning • Enrichment Experiences