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Lead for America

Contact Information

400 South Rd
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

(919) 960-1041

Focus Areas

  • Aging
  • Animals
  • Arts & Culture
  • Community & Nonprofit Development
  • Disability
  • Disaster
  • Economic Security
  • Education & Youth
  • Environment
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Homelessness & Housing
  • Legal Assistance
  • Public Safety
  • Veterans & Military Families

Lead for America recruits, trains, and places our nation’s most promising young leaders in two-year paid fellowships in local governments as a means of strengthening America’s public institutions, supporting our local communities, and cultivating a new generation of transformational public service leaders.

We look to the local level because that is where communities are built. We look to government because it can create the tools we need to care for one another more strongly.

We call it a movement because a Fellowship program is not enough and it's not all that we will be. This is just the first step of a nationwide campaign to bring together the millions of people hungering to make a difference with the communities that most need their help.
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  • About Us
    A single visionary leader rooted in humility can change a community. Many working together can transform our country.

    Over the course of the two years, LFA Fellows will gain a new perspective and appreciation for local government, understand the most pressing issues facing our communities, be equipped with tools to enact communal and systemic change, establish relationships with partner universities and organizations, and gain opportunities to engage with a growing alumni network of passionate leaders, who together will continue to serve as transformational public service leaders in communities across the nation.

    In future years we will be providing opportunities beyond local government and beyond recent college graduates.
  • Our Impact
    Lead for America is building the next generation of public service leaders, with the goal of recruiting, training, placing, and graduating 50,000 of our nation’s best and brightest leaders in the next 20 years.

    We are working for the day that...

    All Americans have faith in our civic institutions. They trust the ability of those who lead them and they maintain the knowledge and opportunities necessary to join and improve them.

    Local government is rightfully recognized as a prominent and fulfilling job destination for ambitious and civically minded college graduates.

    Urban, suburban, and rural governments have their workforce needs met by a dedicated, diverse workforce of committed citizens. ​

    ​Rural communities and small towns are seen as vibrant and attractive employment centers for youth, reversing the widening urban and rural divide.

    More of our country’s top leadership positions are filled by people who have spent their lives working to improve local communities from the grassroots.