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Focus Areas

  • Education & Youth

Today we are facing many issues in the world... racism, climate change, failing education systems. Over time there has been one group of people who have taken on the status quo and shifted these big issues: young people. Young people are our risk takers and big thinkers. They are the courageous better halves of society, yet are often overlooked and not given the opportunities they seek out.

Our mission is to build a community of diverse young people that utilize their personal agency to create a more just society. We do this by fostering young people’s sociopolitical empowerment and growing their social capital so that they have the tools they need to make the world a better place.
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  • About Us
    Changeist is a little league for civic action; a place for young people to transform into social changemakers. We mobilize young people (ages 11-26) from all different walks of life, place them on diverse teams and take them through a 6-month civic action experience, exploring the issues they care most about. Youth learn sociopolitical problem-solving skills, engage in dialogue, and build community as they investigate local and global challenges.

    All youth complete a minimum of 100 hours of programming and team-based social justice projects, all while reinforcing character strengths and a growth mindset. Youth work on issues through interactive learning, active service, and individual and team reflection. During the final two months of the program, teams demonstrate their learning through the completion of team-led service projects and externships
  • Our Impact
    To date, Changeist has had 700+ youth enrolled from across 60+ zip codes and partnered with 100+ schools and community organizations. Changeists have collectively served 70,000+ hours.

    After a year of participation, youth report…
    - Increased competence in civic leadership skills, experience taking direct action for social change in their communities, and increased intentions for future engagement.
    - Increased awareness of local and national civic issues.
    - Identifying more strongly as agents of social change.
    - Increased orientation toward novel and challenging events and ideas.
    - Higher levels of social capital.
    - More favorable attitudes toward diversity.

Changeist Programs


Our 6-month civic action experience for Middle School and High School youth. Sites are in Los Angeles and Stockton, CA.

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