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Backcountry Trails Program Member

Backcountry Trails Program
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Backcountry Trails Program (BCTP) members spend over five months based at remote wilderness locations throughout California performing physically demanding manual labor in a variety of intense conditions, and living in a tight-knit and diverse community.

In addition to trail work, members participate in regular camp chores, position-related training, physical training, daily curriculum and education, environmental awareness, cooperative living skills, and exploration of surrounding wilderness areas.

It is not a prerequisite that members know how to do trail work or that they are exceptionally strong. However, it is essential that members are willing to work very hard to produce quality work with minimal direct supervision while following important safety guidelines.

Service Activities

Essential Functions:

• Performing trail work
• Engaging in crew community development and personal development
• Managing and maintaining a backcountry camp

Secondary Functions:

• Engaging in wilderness exploration
• Developing and participating in extracurricular activities outside of program curriculum
• Engaging with members of the general public as well as land management officials to develop good public relations and promote the backcountry trails program

Community Need Addressed

Members will help public land management agencies address the backlog of deferred trail work.

Position Outcomes

Trails treated by members will be more environmentally sustainable and provide improved access to public lands.


Education award upon successful completion of service, Health coverage, Housing, Non-competitive eligibility (federal jobs), Stipend, Student loan forbearance, Training

A required $400.00 deduction from the monthly stipend pays for all meals and housing.

Education Benefits

Wilderness First Aid, CPR

Skills you will gain

Trail construction & maintenance skills, Wilderness First Aid, CPR, minimum impact camping/wilderness ethics, community building, backpacking skills, backcountry camp set-up

Competencies You Will Develop

Demonstrate sensitivity and empathy, Lead group discussion, Listen to and consider others' viewpoints, Maintain open lines of communication with others
Creativity & Problem Solving
Able to identify and define the problem, Capable of generating possible solutions, Communicate the problem to appropriate personnel, Improvise, Provide relevant expertise
Develop constructive working relationships and maintain them over time, Establish a high degree of trust and credibility with others, Interact professionally and respectfully with supervisors and co-workers, Stay positive and outcome oriented, Use appropriate strategies and solutions for dealing with conflicts and differences to maintain a smooth workflow
Accepts responsibility, Anticipate the consequences of decisions
Carefully consider which tools or technological solutions are appropriate for a given job, Operate tools and equipment in accordance with established operating procedures, safety standards, and ethical guidelines
Create environment of contribution, Demonstrate the effective allocation of time and resources efficiently, Set goals
Be pleasant, courteous, professional and respectful when dealing with internal and external customers or clients, Honor the privilege of being able to work with and for those being served, Understand and anticipate the needs of others, Understand the importance of one's role in the functioning of the organization, Understand the significance of maintaining a healthful and safe environment
  • Activity Types Hands On Activities
  • Focus Areas Environment
  • Length of Service 6 Months
  • Education Requirements Less than High School Completed
  • Placement Team Placement
  • Service Setting Federal Government Agency, State Agency other than State Service Commission
  • Weekly Training Hours 8

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