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Resources for Service Year Alums

Service Year Alliance has compiled a growing list of resources and ideas for how service year alums can volunteer safely in response to COVID-19 — both virtually and in their communities.

NOTE: If you are an AmeriCorps program looking to engage your service year corps members, please contact your grant manager or state commission before adopting one of these volunteer opportunities for your corps members.

Visit Your State Service Commission Website to see opportunities to volunteer (like: Michigan COVID Response Opportunities and Volunteering, Maine COVID Response Opportunities, Wisconsin COVID Response Opportunities, Iowa COVID Response Opportunities, California COVID Response Opportunities, Texas COVID Response Opportunities, and many more.) Also check out @statecommission on Twitter for all the latest on what’s going on in states. Medical Reserve Corps -- ServeDC has suggested that programs with corps members that do not currently have work can consider having their members sign up for the Medical Reserve Corps, a national volunteer organization which provides training for those with or without health backgrounds to help in a variety of ways with medical response. Serve Illinois and United Way of Rhode Island also list MRC as a volunteering option. Meals on Wheels -- California Volunteers recommends contacting your local Meals on Wheels to see how you can help. Partner with Senior Corps -- OneStar Foundation recommends checking with your local Senior Corps organizations to see how corps members can supplement their work, as seniors are at a higher risk. Sewing PPE -- Some Commissions have listed virtual volunteer opportunities for critical PPE gear for local medical facilities. You can view this recommended opportunity from North Carolina, for example. Contact your local food banks -- Many Commissions, like One Star Foundation in Texas and Serve Illinois, are recommending you reach out to local food banks to address community food and nutrition needs at this time.  Contact your local United Way -- They will have local opportunities that your corps members may be able to help with. Points of Light’s Virtual Opportunities -- Many Commissions are highlighting the Points of Light virtual recommendation.Volunteering in Healthcare: EduMed shares "How to Gain Experience While Giving Back." Consider Another Service Year -- Want to do another service year to help communities as they respond to COVID-19? Explore service year opportunities that are starting soon.

Do you have additional volunteer opportunities you’d like to share with service year alums? Contact us and we’ll add them!