Texas Conservation Corps

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Texas Conservation Corps empowers young people through conservation, education, service, and jobs training.

About Texas Conservation Corps

The Texas Conservation Corps (TxCC) is a 21st Century Conservation Service Corps accredited program that empowers young people through conservation, education, service, and jobs training. Participants engage in hands-on projects on public lands, coastal regions, and disaster areas.

Texas Conservation Corps’s Impact

TxCC engages young adults in conservation of the natural landscapes of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi:

PARK & TRAIL CONSTRUCTION Trail Building, Maintenance & Repair: Natural Surface & ADA Masonry, Stairs, & Retaining Walls Bridges & Armored Crossings, Trail Design Layout & Consultation, Create Interpretive Brochures, Benches & Kiosks

WATERSHED MANAGEMENT Erosion Control & Bank Restoration, Check Dams & Swales, Aquifer Recharge-Feature Restoration, Creek Clean-Ups

BOTANY Invasive Species Removal, Licensed Herbicide Application, Plantings & Maintenance, Seed Collection, Greenhouse Work, Flora Surveys & Studies

FOREST & RANGE MANAGEMENT Brush Management & Fuel Breaks, Prescribed Burning Preparation & Fuels Management, GIS Data Gathering, Input, & Analysis Tree Care, Planting, & Nursery Work, Fence Installation & Repair, Endangered Species & Habitat Restoration

DISASTER SERVICES Disaster Response On-Call, Volunteer Reception Center, Operations Volunteer & Donations Management, Hazard Tree Removal/Chainsaw, Mucking & Gutting

COMMUNITY EDUCATION School & Community Gardens, Trail Building Workshops, Volunteer Management

  • Year Founded 1993
  • Legal Form 501c3

Positions at Texas Conservation Corps

Texas Conservation Corps Programs

Coastal Restoration Program

In cooperation with the Galveston Bay Foundation and the Gulf of Mexico Foundation, the Texas Conservation Corps (TxCC) employs a team of 10 AmeriCorps members to complete restoration projects with multiple project partners throughout Galveston Bay. The Texas Conservation Corps is a 21CSC accredited program that empowers the lives of young adults through conservation education, service and jobs training. Participants engage in hands-on, skill-based projects on public lands in coastal regions.

Disaster Response Team (DRT)

The DRT crews are a result of our past engagements in disaster response. These crews work on conservation projects throughout the year but remain on call and are able to deploy throughout Texas should a flood, fire, hurricane or other emergency occur. In addition to conservation, these members receive training in volunteer management, donations management, ICS, and NIMS and work with partners from FEMA, Texas Department of Emergency Management, and local emergency officials. Each crew has 2 crew leaders and 8 members who serve 1700 hour AmeriCorps terms together.

Field Crews

TxCC Field Crews work on public land throughout Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas and Louisiana. Their scope of work has a little bit of everything and includes habitat restoration, invasive species removal, trail work, and other public land improvement projects. Partners range from the Bureau of Reclamation to the National Park Service’s Exotic Plant Management Team. The crews also work around Austin on projects with Travis County Parks and on the City of Austin’s extensive Water Quality Protection Lands. Each crew has 2 crew leaders and 8 members who serve 1700 hour (full year) AmeriCorps terms. Members who join this crew are ages 18-24 and have been out of work for 30 days or more prior to the start of service. In 2012, after over a month working with the National Park Service, TxCC completed 3.5 miles of trail on Lone Mountain in Panther Junction at Big Bend National Park. Some of the most exciting and grueling work of the year, our members learned about the importance of hydration and sun protection in the brutal desert heat while also getting the chance to experience the mythical West Texas landscape.

Featured Positions
Field Crew Member

San Antonio Masonry and Conservation Program

The Texas Conservation Corps Masonry and Conservation program is an exciting six month, 900 hour service opportunity for members, ages 21-28, to restore and preserve both interior and exterior surfaces of The Historic San Antonio Missions. This service opportunity is based in San Antonio. Our trail-building and Historic Restoration projects require participants to complete physically demanding projects in all types of weather. Participants may have opportunities to travel regionally with other Conservation Crews performing rock construction of trail features such as but not limited to stairs, retaining walls, water bars, check dams, and armored crossings. Other travel opportunities could include specialized trainings, habitat restoration projects, or other public lands improvement. Participants may also lead service projects with community volunteers on public lands in the Greater San Antonio area. Members receive a living stipend, educational award, and health insurance. Housing is not provided. At TxCC, young adults from across the country and various walks of life share one common goal: bettering themselves and their community. Serving with Texas Conservation Corps is both challenging and rewarding. It's a place to learn, grow, and have an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Trails Across Texas

Trails Across Texas Crew (TAT) – Our Trails Across Texas crew partners with Texas Parks and Wildlife to maintain and enhance the trail systems in Texas State Parks. The crew consists of 2 crew leaders and 8 members who serve 900 hour (5 month) terms. Traveling to places such as Caprock Canyons and Huntsville State Park, the crew camps regularly at their project sites, working 11 days on with 5 days off. Recently, the TAT crew spent almost 2 months tirelessly rehabbing an eroded trail system in Government Canyon State Natural Area near San Antonio. The crew built a ¼-mile turnpike trail by using cedar logs to create a box structure that they filled with a stabilized aggregate. In addition to this raised walkway, they built a system of armored drains to control erosion. Go check out this great Central Texas state park!