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Hands On Nashville

Contact Information

37 Peabody Street, Suite 206
Nashville, TN 37210

(615) 298-1108

Focus Areas

  • Community & Nonprofit Development
  • Economic Security
  • Education & Youth
  • Environment

The mission of Hands On Nashville is to meet community needs through volunteerism.

  • About Us
    Celebrating 25 years as Middle Tennessee's volunteer resource center, Hands On Nashville (HON) is one of the largest mobilizers of volunteers among all HandsOn Network affiliates worldwide and facilitates 300+ service opportunities each month for nonprofits, schools, government agencies, faith-based organizations, civic groups, and businesses each year. In 2015, HON connected more than 125,000 volunteers to service opportunities supporting 25+ critical needs, such as hunger, homelessness, environmental protection, literacy, and much more.

    Primary services include:
    1) COMMUNITY PARTNER PROGRAM: HON builds capacity for nonprofits, government agencies, and faith-based organizations through volunteer recruitment, management, and training. Examples of success:
    - Annually connects 125,000+ individuals to 3,700+ volunteer opportunities.
    - Provides support to 100+ nonprofit partners.
    - Provides 600+ hours of volunteer management training.
    - Certification as a ‘Service Enterprise Hub’ through Points of Light – the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service and to whom the HandsOn Network belongs (of which HON is an affiliate); HON trains and certifies nonprofits in a holistic and customized change management approach to help them gain a greater return on volunteer investment and better achieve their mission.

    2) CORPORATE PARTNER PROGRAM: In 2008, HON launched its Corporate Partner Program in response to a growing demand by businesses to engage their employees in service. In its inaugural year, the program raised $26,000 for the agency; in 2016, earnings are projected at $550,000 – creating an economic impact of nearly a half-million dollars for the city, according to Independent Sector research. As evidenced by the financial gains, HON has experienced significant growth and success in this arena and is poised to continue its journey.

    The two primary functions of the Corporate Partner Program are to:
    1) Build or develop employee engagement strategies for locally-based businesses.
    2) Create custom service opportunities for both locally-based and inbound groups looking to volunteer in the local community.
  • Our Impact
    Middle Tennesseans’ motivation to volunteer is at an all-time high. In fact, the Corporation for National and Community Service’s latest Volunteering and Civic Life in America report ranked Nashville 9th out of the 51 largest cities in the United States for hours completed per resident through volunteerism – demonstrating the continued commitment of the community’s culture of service. HON is proud to help foster this positive behavior and to make it easy for individuals to engage in meaningful help to others.

    VOLUNTEERING IMPROVES HEALTH: According to research consolidated by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), volunteerism has proven health benefits. Research shows that those who devote a considerable amount of time to volunteering (about 100 hours per year) exhibit positive health outcomes. They have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer. Volunteering has a positive effect on social psychological factors, such as one's sense of purpose. In turn, positive psychological factors are correlated with lower rates of poor physical health.

    VOLUNTEERING BUILDS COMMUNITY: Volunteering contributes to greater levels of trust and norms of reciprocity in the community. This strengthens neighborhoods and improves the lives of beneficiaries, according to CNCS.

    VOLUNTEERING HELPS NONPROFITS AND GOVERNMENT AGENCIES DELIVER CORE SERVICES: According to the National Council on Nonprofits, not every nonprofit has the need or capacity to successfully organize and operate a volunteer program. Appreciating the resources required to successfully integrate volunteers into a nonprofit’s operations is key. Success is not ensured simply by finding a few people willing to spend a few hours helping out a nonprofit. Resources for recruiting, screening, training, supervising, and evaluating volunteers are necessary.

    VOLUNTEERS HELP ADDRESS UNMET NEEDS: In addition to the ongoing demand by service agencies for organizing and placing volunteers, HON collaborates with Metro Government and other nonprofit organizations to make a difference in communities by spearheading its own volunteer projects – such as neighborhood cleanups, residential energy efficiency upgrades for low-income homeowners, collecting new school supplies, etc. – and building the infrastructure to complete much needed projects.

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