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Each ArtistYear AmeriCorps Member works full-time in a Title I school in America to deliver an issue-based arts curriculum that inspires active youth citizens and supports school culture and goals. Members will ensure the highest quality instruction, meet the needs of the school and students, and support each child holistically. Members will collaborate with school personnel and other ArtistYear cohort members, and will facilitate school community and family involvement. Each ArtistYear member will uphold the mission, values, and expectations of ArtistYear, and openly contribute service year learnings back to the arts education and national service fields.

Service Activities

- A full-time (40 hours) Citizen-Artist work week in a Title I school, inclusive of:
- Direct teaching and school common time hours; communication, meeting, planning and preparation hours; Student performance or exhibition hours;
- Training and professional development requirements for school site and ArtistYear; ArtistYear obligations and responsibilities. Hours may include evening and weekend times.
- Designing, and teaching an issue-based arts curriculum and strategy that encourages student civic discourse and artistic mastery. This content and pedagogy will meet the needs and desires of school partners and students as well as the standards of ArtistYear.
- Preparing and executing high quality, student-centered gallery openings, performances and/or community arts events that highlight student process and achievement, enhance school climate, and engage the broader community.
- Regular communication, meetings and collaboration with parents, school staff members, and the ArtistYear leadership.
- Assisting school partner faculty members as requested; stepping in as an emergency substitute art or music teacher at school site if requested.
- Completing required documentation and records for school site and ArtistYear, such as 5/15 reports, daily virtual standup participation, blogging responsibilities, assessment protocols and lesson plans.
- Full attendance and participation in all required professional development/training requirements, including the ArtistYear Summer Induction and Onboarding Training.
- Receiving and implementing regular and supportive feedback from ArtistYear leadership and/or school site supervisor on performance.

Community Need Addressed

Research shows that when children are involved in the arts, they reap substantial social, academic, and personal benefits. The positive effects of arts-rich experiences on vulnerable student populations demonstrate improvement in school climate, culture, and academic engagement, an increase in civic-minded and leadership behaviors, and the development of social and non-cognitive skills.
Art also leads to significant gains in academic achievement, bolstering success in science, technology, engineering, and math. These subjects cultivate critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving skills, all vital to the creative economy and global understanding in the 21st century. Economically disadvantaged students are far less likely to access quality arts instruction when compared to their more affluent peers (National Center for Education Statistics). Further, this “Arts Education Gap” disproportionately effects students of color and English Language Learners, who are far more likely to attend mid-high to high-poverty public schools (National Endowment for the Arts, NCES and National Equity Atlas).

ArtistYear believes that the arts are imperative for the development of critical thinking, self-discipline, empathy, and civic engagement, and that these characteristics are key to an informed and engaged citizenry and a thriving democracy. ArtistYear believes that access to the arts and its many benefits is a fundamental right for every child. We are committed to erasing the art opportunity gap in the U.S..

Position Outcomes

ArtistYear facilitates positive outcomes for students, schools and communities. We measure our impact by examining outcomes for the following:

1. Students: ArtistYear is designed to reach underserved student populations, including economically disadvantaged youth, English Language Learners, and students of color. We intend to: Improve school engagement; Increase civic-minded and leadership behaviors; Develop youth artistry; Foster 21st-century skills; Provide a safe space for self-expression

2. Schools: We believe that all schools deserve to be “art-rich.” We aim to: Enhance school climate and culture; fostering social bonds and community through art; Expand parent engagement opportunities; Inspire further investments in arts education for each partner school

3. Communities: The arts are a vehicle for civic engagement and contribution. We seek to realize the long-term benefits of quality art experiences for youth: Engaged Citizen-Leaders Creative; Healthy and Vibrant Communities; Increased Work-Force Success


Education award upon successful completion of service, Health coverage, Stipend, Student loan forbearance, Training

- An annual living stipend. - Health insurance stipend (if not already covered). - Professional development, conference attendance and training opportunities around areas such as: arts education, non-profit strategy, leadership, social justice, pedagogy, community-building, advocacy, problem solving, communication skills, civic engagement, writing, creativity and child development. - Mentoring from seasoned community arts educators. - Opportunities to network, locally and nationally. - Life-long ArtistYear colleagues and friends. - An opportunity to use your art to make a difference in the lives of children and schools. - Growth as an artist and citizen.

Skills you will gain

teaching artistry, classroom management, lesson planning, time management, public speaking, effective communication, cultural competency, event planning, financial planning, leveraging technology applications for digital strategy and efficiency, etc.

Competencies You Will Develop
Demonstrate sensitivity and empathy, Lead group discussion, Listen to and consider others' viewpoints, Maintain open lines of communication with others, Speak clearly, in precise language and in a logical, organized and coherent manner, Turn taking, Write cleary and effectively
Creativity & Problem Solving
Able to identify and define the problem, Capable of generating possible solutions, Communicate the problem to appropriate personnel, Improvise, Provide relevant expertise, Select and implement well-considered solution
Derive consensus, Develop constructive working relationships and maintain them over time, Establish a high degree of trust and credibility with others, Interact professionally and respectfully with supervisors and co-workers, Stay positive and outcome oriented, Use appropriate strategies and solutions for dealing with conflicts and differences to maintain a smooth workflow
Accepts responsibility, Anticipate the consequences of decisions, Identify and prioritize the key issues involved to facilitate the decision making process, Involve people appropriately in decisions that may impact them, Quickly respond with a back-up plan if a decision goes amiss
Carefully consider which tools or technological solutions are appropriate for a given job, Consistently choose the best tool or technological solution for the problem at hand, Operate tools and equipment in accordance with established operating procedures, safety standards, and ethical guidelines, Seek opportunities to improve knowledge of tools and technologies that may assist in streamlining work and improving productivity
Able to prioritize various competing tasks, Create environment of contribution, Create plan of action, schedule tasks so that work is completed on time, Demonstrate the effective allocation of time and resources efficiently, Drive decision making, Effectively delegate tasks, Facilitate group planning, Set goals
Be pleasant, courteous, professional and respectful when dealing with internal and external customers or clients, Evaluate customer or client satisfaction, Honor the privilege of being able to work with and for those being served, Provide personalized, prompt, and efficient service to meet the requirements, requests and needs of customers, Recognize the importance of maintaining privacy and confidentiality of those being served, Understand and anticipate the needs of others, Understand the importance of one's role in the functioning of the organization, Understand the significance of maintaining a healthful and safe environment
  • Activity Types Hands On Activities, Office Activities, Professional Activities
  • Focus Areas Arts & Culture, Education & Youth
  • Length of Service 12 Months
  • Education Requirements College Graduate
  • Placement Individual and Team Placements
  • Service Setting Arts Organization, Charter School, Community-based Nonprofit, Early Childhood Program, Elementary School, High School, Middle School, School District
  • Weekly Training Hours 3

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