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Amber O.

Serving with College Forward


  • Amber began serving with College Forward in Austin, TX 78721.

  • Amber joined Service Year!

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College Forward
College Coach
Austin, TX 78721
Aug 12, 2019 - Jun 11, 2020


Why Amber Wants To Serve

I remember being told by a college advisor that, “There’ll be twists and turns, roadblocks and opportunities that come your way, but you will always reach your goal if you believe in yourself.”

Being the first in my family to attend as well as graduate college, I owe so much of my personal and academic triumphs to my educators and motivators. I have truly been humbled by this experience and opportunity I was fortunate enough to have.

Although college has taught and shown me a huge area of education and the public health sector, I am not fully convinced I have found my passion. Throughout my journey, I have learned so much more about not only what I love but also the things that are important to me. I know I love empowering others and seeing even the small successes in people’s lives. Dedicating a year of my life to serving underrepresented populations, I am confident that I will find what drives me.

The reason why a service year stands out to me as the perfect avenue is because I have spent a good portion of my life already accomplishing the things the job requires and all the while, absolutely loving it. I know the involvement in this organization could never be taught in the classroom and having the opportunity to mentor and promote education is an experience in its own. I am confident that I possess the skills that would make me an asset to AmeriCorps service year.


Big picture thinker, Creative, Leader, Organized, Outgoing, People person , Planner

Qualifications or Certifications

CPR, First Aid

Languages Spoken



Highest Level Attained

College Graduate

California State University, Chico
Health Sciences with an emphasis in education
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