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AmeriCorps St. Louis

Contact Information

1315 Ann Ave
St. Louis, MO 63104

(314) 772-9002

Focus Areas

  • Disaster
  • Environment

The mission of AmeriCorps St. Louis is to enhance the professional skills and life-long ethic of the young men and women who serve; to respond to critical unmet needs in the areas of emergency response and environmental conservation; to leverage service of volunteers; and to build the capacity of our partnering agencies and communities we serve.

Our Vision: To be a purveyor of skill, a beacon of hope, and a model of public stewardship. AmeriCorps St. Louis serves to protect people and places through service to our local, state, and national community in emergency response and environmental stewardship. We focus our service on vulnerable populations, striving to address needs of those least served, last served, and never served.
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  • About Us
    Since 1994, inspired people from across America have brought to AmeriCorps St. Louis their enthusiasm, talents, and commitment to serve their country. AmeriCorps St. Louis has distinguished itself as one of the leading AmeriCorps programs in the nation through a long and impressive history, recruiting 42 new Members each year to serve as an Emergency Response Team.
  • Our Impact
    AmeriCorps St. Louis aims to serve communities affected by natural disasters across the country and to protect the natural environment through conservation and natural resource management. Our motto is “See The Need, Meet The Need,” which we take to heart in everything we do, as we always strive to reach those who are least served, last served, or never served.